Saturday, August 05, 2006


The Wikipedia Definition of "Pallywood"

Pallywood is the name of a short 2005 documentary/video, produced by American historian and "pro-Israel leftist" Richard Landes, that asserts that Palestinian video journalists stage events in order to put Israel's policies in an unfavorable light.

The term Pallywood has since gained relative currency. It refers to the general allegation that many events are staged by Palestinian cameramen and video teams, sometimes using equipment from Western news agencies, and that the resulting footage is sent on to those agencies for international consumption.

These allegations reflect the importance for both sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict of winning the "media war" by providing journalists with imagery that presents only their side of the story in the conflict.

Examples include:

* allegations that riots and unrest did not start until the press arrived
* alleged falsification of the death of Muhammad al-Durrah in September, 2000
* allegedly staged photographs following the battle of Jenin in 2002
* allegedly staged funeral processions and casualties

Landes believes that this type of propaganda dates back to at least the war in Lebanon in 1982.

The extent and impact of such alleged manipulation is highly controversial and is part of a broader debate about media manipulation on both sides of the conflict.



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