Wednesday, August 09, 2006


What inspires the Hezbollah to fight (Here be Hot Chicks!)

The following link is meant as a celebration of fighting Arab women. Before you continue please remember: As soon as you reach the next page, scroll right to the second half. Do not look at the Jewish Chicas on the first half of the page! Are you ready and prepared? Good, now click here.

Anonymous Francis says:

Abu! I am not sure weather you hate the Arabs or the Jews or the Media or all of them. But for some reason I keep coming back to your blog since a couple of days.

Anonymous zaracp says:

I just couldn't help it and didn't get to the second half--

Anonymous Coca Cola Martyr says:

Still the jewish girls look like they don't take shit - no matter how hot they are.

Blogger bernie says:

Thanks so much for linking to my article, it's appreciated.


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