Monday, August 07, 2006


UN, Annan and Other Friends Of Pallywood

My friends, there is no magic in Pallywood, although it may look like that at first sight. Have you ever wondered why Kofi Annan is joining Hamas, Hizbullah and Pallywood on bashing them Zionists?

There is a short answer to this: The UN is not big friends with the Zionists. What we claim that the Zionists have done, Brother Annan swallows it - and "strongly condemns" the Isrrrraelis. (Abu is not sure, what "strongly condemns" really means. Must be an infidel thing.)

The picture on the left comes from here. It is an article in the Canada National Post where an infidel writes on the brilliant work our anti-semantic warriors of words have been doing at the "United Nations".

There are even reports on very close cooperation between the Hizbullah and the Peace Forces. Both parties of freedom warriors have been sharing water and electricity resources. Basically what is happening that the infidelsĀ“ taxes are paying for infrastructure that our Holy Warriors may freely use... to kill infidels! Abu likes this very much and says: Hahaha - stupid infidels!

(Thanks to Michelle for pointing Abu at this.)

Blogger muslim freedom says:

hey whatsup.
How did you find out about my blog?
Are you kona silat?

Blogger Abu Muhammad says:

Abu likes your nickname. Just like you he is for freedom, as long as it is muslim freedom. And just like you Abu likes to listen the voices in Abus's Head (Abu is joking - your profile says that you like the music of "Voices in my head").

Blogger muslim freedom says:

LOL, yes you noticed.
Listen man, why are you doing this?
I understand that this is a parody site, but like its not good to be hating on people.
Just like I don't hate Jews, just because they're of Jewish faith, I expect you not to hate Muslims either for the same reason.

Even though I know you'll respond in a comical way, but like bro, this is the last time I'll post on your blog if you're going to reply sarcastically.
The way forward isn't for us to mock each.
I mean ok, you had a couple of good laughs, fair enough.

We all like to joke around once in a while.
But believe me, ridiculing each other and hurting each others feelings isn't going to bring us closer to a real solution.
Also if you believe in one God, then you will know that good likes people of peace.


Blogger Abu Muhammad says:

Abu greets Muslim Freedom.

Abu isn't making fun, Abu is dead serious.

If Abu were making fun, he were making fun of the Infidel Media who use the propaganda of terorrist groups as a medium of their own anti-semanticism.

And further, again if Abu were making fun, which Abu isn't: Abu would think that mocking each other were a very good way to point out each other's error's and in this way working on a stronger collective rational.

Abu wants to quote this website where it says: "Cartoons plays a huge part in our struggle against occupation." Now Cartoons is a way of "mocking each other", isn't it?

Abu would very well believe that mocking each other were a peaceful way of trying to access the emotional level of an conflict - and then surprisingly often finding out that some jokes have more rational content than the so-called serious discussion.

Abu guesses that you think that Abu is being sarcastic. Therefore Abu supposes that you will be true to your promise not to post at Pallywood News again. Which is a pity, because Abu thinks he likes you (or what Abu knows of you: your writing). Still Abu respects your decision and says Go in Peace.


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