Sunday, August 06, 2006


Revisiting: If you have infiltrated the Infidel News - stay undercover!

(Actually this news is from May `06, but you might want to revisit it considering current events.) Your faithful Pallywood reporter is a little angry. Our brother Bunglawala who works at Reuters (and also writes for the british Guardian) had written an email to the blog owner of Little Green Football, calling him a Zionist Pig. Unfortunately his email was traceable to his Reuters office account. He got fired. But luckily there are plenty of infidel news agencies more! Read about it here.

Anonymous Anonymous says:

So are you actually saying the Palestinians and Lebanese who are shown dead aren't dead? They're just acting? Got any proof?

Blogger Abu Muhammad says:

Am I saying that? (Well, some of them are using a mobile phone while dead, see the Pallywood video.)

Of course they are dead. (Even if they were not talked about in the post you commented to, my dear anonymous friend.)

But if you are talking about Qana. The poor children are very dead. They were killed by the Zionists when their planes bombed the house the children where living in (where unfortunately too our glorious Hezbullah fighters were storing some Holy Bombshells). The ingenious part was making the world believe that they were killed while the GrIsraelis bombed what essentially would have been a kindergarten - if it was true! Hahaha - stupid infidels!


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