Sunday, August 06, 2006


Pallywood/Reuters report: Godzilla is a Zionist (via Slublog)

The Zionists know no limits to their agression on the suffering arab world. Newest pictures from their own Reuters prove: The IDF has drafted Godzilla for the attacks on Beirut!

(great work by Slublog)

Anonymous zaracp says:

When looking at the original photoshop job by Adnan Hajj , it reminds of the dilletantic CGI work Roland Emmerich did for his Godzilla-version (not the only desaster he is responsible for)... -

...Reasonable Question then: Again invisible Germans who are faking the image of history when it comes to Jews ?

Now it's your turn Abu!

Blogger Abu Muhammad says:

Abu will bring a Germany Update in the next post! Abu has been told that the German media mostly is left anti-semantics. Abu likes Germans!


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