Sunday, August 06, 2006


Pallywood Today: Pimp My War Pic! (with Adnan Hajj) - Update!

Update: The Zionisst "paper" Jpost reports that Reuters admitted that this picture was doctored. And they even say our brother was fired - shame on the infidels! Your faithful Pallywood-reporter Abu will post the official news release as soon as (and in case that) he finds it on the infidelnet! (this update via the infidel blog Yen/Yang)

This is a fine piece of Photoshop Art by Brother Adnan Hajj. He is a very talented infiltrator of the dirty infidel's media. Just do a search for his name and "Qana" on Google - he is our photo-warrior who did most of the photos of the Qana-Massacre (hahaha - they bought it! The pig-meat must be stuck in their brains!). He did a quite good job - okay, some bloggers wouldn't be fooled. Anybody with a half brain and some honesty could see that we were doing a little bit of Pallywood. Whatever, good enough for Annan, Human Rights Watch and the Arab street.

But I am getting sidetracked. Today's lesson comes again from Brother Hajj. This time he has taken a picture of Beirut's suburbs. (How did he take it, anyway - was he flying? Brother Hajj is magic.) The picture had a little smoke in it. But Brother Nasrallah promised to bomb Tel Aviv if the Zionistigers bomb Beirut. (They actually are doing it all the time, but whatever.) So Brother Hajj had to, as the infidels say, "pimp the pic" a little bit. He started his Photoshop (he surely has a special version where the jewish names are taken out of the credits) and put the stamp tool into action. Now it looks like way more smoke. Way to go, Brother Hajj!

You can learn about the Photoshop cloning stamp here.



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