Sunday, August 06, 2006


Pallywood still has to catch up with the master of very lucky war photography, Robert Capa

Dear faithful friends, there is still some things we have to learn on "very lucky" war photography. Therefore I am posting two links. One is on how to do it right (yes, we have to learn from the infidels, sometimes), and the other link is on how absolutely not to do it. This is for educational purposes only, I kindly ask any infidel dog to refrain from watching the film, as it is a little bit embarrassing.

First, the link on how not to do. It is a video, taken by an unmanned Zionistdevil drone. We see a staged funeral procession, where the "dead" falls to the ground a couple of times, stands up and climbs back up. See it here.

And then, some instructions on faking death in a professional way (or: how to see if someone is really dead) - hint: It's all about the details.


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