Tuesday, August 08, 2006


The Pallywood-Picture Of The Day: Boy taking his bombshell for a walk

This is Abu's favourite Pallywood-Stage-Photo for today. It was shot by Ibraheem Abu Mustafa in Palestine.

The caption reads:
"A Palestinian boy holds an Israeli artillery shell as he walks next to the remains of a house after it was demolished by Israeli troops before they pulled out from Rafah camp in the southern Gaza strip August 8, 2006."
Abu is very glad that the Infidel Media finally reports on this tradional Arab habit. Especially in Palestine young men mean it literally when they say "I'll take my bombshell for a walk!" - it is very common and photographers get a chance to take a snapshot easily - especially if they work for Reuters. (See the pic at Yahoo.)

Do you have suggestions for a Pallywood-Picture-of-the-Day?
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Anonymous Anonymous says:

Abu, you are crazy, but you are funny!!! :-)))



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