Monday, August 07, 2006


Pallywood likes Germany very much.

Abu likes Germany very much, a lot of Arabs do, as you can see on this picture of a parade for the now deceased Great Leader Arafat. Something in the heart of Germany rings a tone with our Arab Heart.

This picture and the following one are screenshots of two very important German news websites. This first picture is from Spiegel Online. They are "left", which in Germany usually meens, they tend to critisize the Jews very much. When there is something to say about the Jews, you can usually expect that the Jews will look pretty bad in it. The Spiegel has its what the Germans call "Alibi-Jude" Henryk M. Broder who from time to time publishes some zionist stuff that Abu doesn't like at all, but apart from that, the Spiegel is Pallywood's willing helper. Abu likes Spiegel! In the article which is online at the top of the website in this very moment you read how the dirty Zionists make poor Siniora cry! Thank you Spiegel, for pointing this out! (Abu has always suggested crying as a way of manipulating the Infidel Media - if it is done right. See here!) There is a video of the event here - Abu would have advised the Arab leaders maybe not to applause after the Siniora-performance. That makes it look to much like a - well - performance.

At the same time the slightly more conservative Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung posted a headline on the same event. It reported that Siniora had admitted, that during an attack on Hula by the Zionists not 40 people but only one human died. This correction of course is nothing a left newspaper would tell you about in a big headline. (A friend in Germany tells Abu that it is a strange time when the Bild-Zeitung is the most sane newspaper.) - But Abu is not too scared of losing control over German Media. The same FAZ at the same time is reporting, that it is okay in Germany one more time to debate whether Israel has the right to exist. A friend in Germany told Abu, that if Olmert visited Germany there would be hundred times more protests against him than if Ahme Ahmadini Ahmadija the President of Iran came.

Abu, the faithful Pallywood Insider is very happy!


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