Sunday, August 06, 2006


The Pallywood Dog-And-Pony-Show

Israel-Hezbollah: "Pallywood"The Anderson Cooper Blog at C-Infidel-NN ist posting detailed instructions on how to make guided tours for the Infidel Media.

"We again ask the Hezbollah guy (he won't give us his name) when we can talk to some residents, but he brushes us off and tells us maybe at our next stop. He's now on his cell phone and it's not hard to imagine he's making sure all the props are in place before we move on. I wish I spoke Arabic."

But you don't! And you didn't bring the story we wanted you to bring. Well, you won't get a second chance. Pallywood doesn't need you. Pallywood has Allah´s Press (AP) and Reuters on our side, so go eat camel-poopoo!

Abu would like to thank Donald for pointing at Anderson Cooper on his blog Israel-Hezbollah


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