Friday, August 11, 2006


London's Terror-Allegations are Muslim-Hater Propaganda!

Even the Infidel-Media must confess that there is something fishy about the timing of the of the uncovering of the London Terror Plot.

Abu quotes one of his favourite Infidel Newspapers - the Guardian:

Fahad Ansari, of the Islamic Human Rights Commission, was more sceptical. "I think you will get cynicism from the community," he said. "Over the last few years we have seen many high-profile raids like this plastered over the press to terrify the public. We have seen it time and time again. It has been hit and miss on too many occasions. It is causing a lot of mass hysteria."

He suggested that the raids could even have been timed to distract attention from criticisms of the government's stance on the Lebanon crisis.

"There has been so much pressure on the government, it could be a way of diverting attention away from its policy on the Middle East."

Abu send kind greetings to the European Left! Abu likes you!


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