Tuesday, August 08, 2006


In War even the Holy Book gets abused

Abu likes propaganda when it shows the evil of the Amerizionists. Abu despises propaganda when it abuses the Holy Book.

Yesterday AP published this picture by Lefteris Pitarakis with the caption: "A Lebanese man pauses after he retrieved a Quran, Islam's holy book, under the debris of a destroyed building, attacked late Monday by Israeli forces, in the southern Beirut suburb of Chiah, Lebanon, Tuesday Aug. 8, 2006. The raid on the Muslim southern suburb next to a Christian neighborhood killed at least 16 people, police officials said, as Lebanese civil defense rescuers were still working on recovering the bodies of citizens believed to be trapped under debris and concrete late Tuesday."

Not surprisingly it wasn't hard to find a paper who would pick up this picture on its front page: Look to the left!

Abu thought: This is dangerous. Abu likes propaganda, as he said before. But Abu doesn't like when the InfidelsĀ“ Left Media try to stir things up among the muslim population. Implying that the Zionists are "bombing the Quran" (which maybe is even technically correct when there was a Holy Book in a bombed house) seems to Abu as a provocation of their muslim readers. In times of emotional stress (like this war, like any war) even the positioning of words can play a role. The second sentence begins with "The raid on the Muslim..." - no matter what the following words say, the beginning of this sentence is yet another stab into the Muslim heart. (At least the Guardian has the dignity to soften the sentence to: "Lebanese man retrieves a Qur'an from under the debris of a destroyed building.")

Abu feels reminded of the one picture where even Abu's great and admired friend Adnan Hajj went a couple of steps too far. On the left (pun intended) you see a picture by the now out-of-job Brother Adnan. (While Reuters has pulled this pic in the meantime, Abu got it via The Jawa Report.)

In Abu's opinion it is pretty clear that this picture was staged - no matter how soon Brother Adnan arrived at the scene, a paper book wouldn't be burning with one foot high flames any more. But the staging part is no problem to Abu.

Abu shivers at the thought that the most logical explanation to why the Holy Book was burning in the picture is: Brother Hajj set it on fire himself.

As horrible as this is, there is yet another problem: Here we have the Left Infidel Media (who otherwise are friends of Abu) desecrating the Holy Book by using it with the obvious intention to hurt the Muslims and maybe even provoke violent intentions. It reminds Abu of Newsweek reporting on Quran Desecration last year.

Abu believes that even in war propaganda there should be moral boundaries. There is propaganda that should or could lead to an end of the fighting by focussing on the suffering and moving the world's conscience. And there is propaganda that is intended to incite anger among those who already feel hurt and unheard.

Showing suffering children awakens emotions in every human being who deserves to be called by that title. But showing a burning Quran hurts almost exclusively the believers of Islam (if it hurts infidels, than only on a philantropic-humanitarian level, Abu supposes).

Abu would like to point out that the picture was taken - if one can conclude so from the name - by an infidel and is published by infidels in London, a city where every publisher must well know, that this kind of "reporting" is quite likely to provoke bitter muslim reactions. Abu hopes that the muslims of London are smarter than that. Don't fall into this trap of provocation! Shame on the Infidel Media!

Anonymous Francis says:

Abu! I understand that this is text not as satirical as the other posts. I am far from being a supporter of Israel. Anyway I think that there are three sides to this war: Israel/USA, Hizbulla/Iran and Left Media. I do not agree that the Media are on the side of Hizbulla or Israel. I think the Media is fighting it's own war.


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