Saturday, August 05, 2006


Hezbollywood Roundup

Links on the Kana-Shoot

The "Kana-Massacre" was a brilliant peace by the Pallywood-Artist.

Here is a selection of links to the behind-the-scenes reports:

- Eureferendum
- best of all them reports [ link ]

- Israel Insider has a whole section on what they call Hezbollywood [ link ]

- Frontpagemag brings the story with a revealing a quote from the Prophet, that lying is permissive in war [ link ]

- Israel Nation News points out that houses in Kana were built on top of munition depots [link ]

(moving to the right now)

- Riehl World View has some good insights into where the bodies may have come from and why the heck a child is revovered from an untouched bom shelter [ link ]

- Anti Idiotarian Rottweiler - short report [ link ], pointing to...

- Rich Noyes at Newsbusters on CNN admiting on airing Hezbollah propaganda [ link ]

... or do a quick search on Google for "Hezbollywood"


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