Friday, August 18, 2006


Green Helmut Guy, You're In the Army Now

This picture were sent to Abu by a Pallywood-supporter in Germany. He swears that it appeared in the "Koln Expres" today and that the picture is not photoshoped or manipulated, just a pure scan. What is interesting: The article, Abu is told, deals with the Lebanese taking over Lebanon [sic!]. We see the lebanese army entering while the Zionists are pulling out. And who is on the army transporter? Green Helmet Guy!

Or is it just someone very similar? You be the judge. Has someone maybe seen this photo online on one of the newssites?

Blogger AstroJew says:

Maybe the Green Helmet Guy is the force behind the war itself....


Linked you.

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Pallywood-Picture of the Day

Civilists cleaning up after the Zionists bombed the curcuma-field with paper-leaflets.

Blogger Hassan says:

Them Zionists.. attacking with dangerous leaflets.. I almost got papercut when I came out of my Bunker!

BTW, I linked you on my Blog. so more people would know how to 'palywood' scences..

Blogger Abu Muhammad says:

Abu humbly extends his thanks to you! Abu likes Nasralla - and he has of course the Nasrallah-Son on his iPod!


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Sunday, August 13, 2006


The Hamas ain't all bad

The Hamas isn't a terrorist organisation (in the moment) - it even stopped shooting rockets at the Zionist Empire. So says the Zionist own paper, Haaretz.

The Article:

Sources: Hamas holding back Qassam fire from Gaza Strip

By Avi Issacharoff

Palestinian sources report that Hamas has stopped firing Qassam rockets from the Gaza Strip at Israel, in response to a request nearly two weeks ago by Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh.

According to the sources, only Islamic Jihad and Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade forces, the latter acting on Hamas directives, are continuing to fire Qassams.

The sources say that Hamas briefly renewed rocket fire during the recent Israel Defense Forces operation in Rafah, but suspended it once the IDF withdrew. Last week 11 Qassams were fired at Israel, a steep decrease from previous weeks. The week before, 33 rockets were fired, three weeks ago saw 42 Qassams and 65 rockets hit Israel four weeks ago. Over the weekend, three Qassams were fired from Gaza but fell within Palestinian territory.

Haniyeh demands
Palestinian military sources attribute the drop to several causes. The IDF's aggressive operations within Gaza led Haniyeh to demand an end to the rocket fire. The IDF's bombing of private homes in Gaza, after calling residents to warn them, also contributed to the decision. Another factor in the suspension of Qassam fire was the realization by Hamas leaders that international attention was focused on Lebanon, not Gaza. There was also some public pressure, such as threats made to the families of launcher operators in the northern Gaza Strip neighborhood of Al-Nada, to stop rocket firing from in between houses.

The Palestinian sources told Haaretz that most of the Hamas military leaders were badly injured in last month's assassination attempt in Gaza's Sheikh Radwan neighborhood. Mohammed Deif is in serious condition, a quadruple amputee, as a result of the incident.

Ahmed Al-Ghandour, the commander of Hamas' armed wing, Iz al-Din al-Qassam in northern Gaza, is in serious condition after a splenectomy. Marwan Issa, who suffered pelvic injuries, is also listed in serious condition.

Another senior leader, Raed Sayid, sustained relatively minor injuries.

Despite the judgment by Palestinian military officials that the abduction of IDF Corporal Gilad Shalit by Hamas has become a hindrance to the organization, there is still no progress pointing to his release. The head of the Hamas military wing, Ahmed al-Jabari, and his colleagues are rejecting Egypt's compromise formula, under which Shalit would be handed over to Egypt until Israel releases Palestinian prisoners it is holding.

On Thursday, significant progress was made in talks among Palestinian groupings. Hamas and Fatah agreed to suspend hostilities in the Khan Yunis area, the site of most of the armed confrontations between Hamas and the Preventative Security Forces.


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Friday, August 11, 2006


Very Important Pallywood-Instruction Video

The URL of this Video at Youtube is: Please, please spread it into the Blogosphere!

Blogger Gab Goldenberg says:

It's gone now.


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London's Terror-Allegations are Muslim-Hater Propaganda!

Even the Infidel-Media must confess that there is something fishy about the timing of the of the uncovering of the London Terror Plot.

Abu quotes one of his favourite Infidel Newspapers - the Guardian:

Fahad Ansari, of the Islamic Human Rights Commission, was more sceptical. "I think you will get cynicism from the community," he said. "Over the last few years we have seen many high-profile raids like this plastered over the press to terrify the public. We have seen it time and time again. It has been hit and miss on too many occasions. It is causing a lot of mass hysteria."

He suggested that the raids could even have been timed to distract attention from criticisms of the government's stance on the Lebanon crisis.

"There has been so much pressure on the government, it could be a way of diverting attention away from its policy on the Middle East."

Abu send kind greetings to the European Left! Abu likes you!


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Thursday, August 10, 2006


Finally: Collaboration of Pallywood and Leonardo Da Vinci

This is Abu's entry for the Flat Fatima Contest. For you dear friends and visitors of the Pallywood News, Abu gives you a bonus-present: You can download the 1024x768-Version here!

Anonymous Anonymous says:

Luv that! I set it as desktop background - for a day or so ;-))



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Hezbollah Makeover - Before and After

(click image for large size)


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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Abu's Favourite Philosopher

Abu has a new favourite philosopher: Jostein Gaarder.


Israel is history. We no longer recognize the State of Israel. There is no way back. The State of Israel has raped the world's recognition and will get no peace until it lays down its weapons. The State of Israel in its current form is history, writes Jostein Gaarder.

No way back. It is time to learn a new refrain: We no longer recognize the State of Israel. We couldn't recognize the apartheid regime in South Africa, we didn't recognize the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. And there were many who didn't recognize Saddam Hussein's Iraq, or the Serb ethnic cleansing. So now we must get used to the thought: the State of Israel, in its current form, is history.

This feels so good! Abu is getting a itchy feeling - aaah. Go read here the rest of this wonderful document.

(What Abu wonders is this: I understand that the Left likes Abu and his Fighting Friends. But why are they licking Abu's balls? Are they gay? - Stupid infidels.)


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What inspires the Hezbollah to fight (Here be Hot Chicks!)

The following link is meant as a celebration of fighting Arab women. Before you continue please remember: As soon as you reach the next page, scroll right to the second half. Do not look at the Jewish Chicas on the first half of the page! Are you ready and prepared? Good, now click here.

Anonymous Anonymous says:

Abu! I am not sure weather you hate the Arabs or the Jews or the Media or all of them. But for some reason I keep coming back to your blog since a couple of days.

Anonymous Anonymous says:

I just couldn't help it and didn't get to the second half--

Anonymous Anonymous says:

Still the jewish girls look like they don't take shit - no matter how hot they are.

Blogger bernie says:

Thanks so much for linking to my article, it's appreciated.


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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


In War even the Holy Book gets abused

Abu likes propaganda when it shows the evil of the Amerizionists. Abu despises propaganda when it abuses the Holy Book.

Yesterday AP published this picture by Lefteris Pitarakis with the caption: "A Lebanese man pauses after he retrieved a Quran, Islam's holy book, under the debris of a destroyed building, attacked late Monday by Israeli forces, in the southern Beirut suburb of Chiah, Lebanon, Tuesday Aug. 8, 2006. The raid on the Muslim southern suburb next to a Christian neighborhood killed at least 16 people, police officials said, as Lebanese civil defense rescuers were still working on recovering the bodies of citizens believed to be trapped under debris and concrete late Tuesday."

Not surprisingly it wasn't hard to find a paper who would pick up this picture on its front page: Look to the left!

Abu thought: This is dangerous. Abu likes propaganda, as he said before. But Abu doesn't like when the InfidelsĀ“ Left Media try to stir things up among the muslim population. Implying that the Zionists are "bombing the Quran" (which maybe is even technically correct when there was a Holy Book in a bombed house) seems to Abu as a provocation of their muslim readers. In times of emotional stress (like this war, like any war) even the positioning of words can play a role. The second sentence begins with "The raid on the Muslim..." - no matter what the following words say, the beginning of this sentence is yet another stab into the Muslim heart. (At least the Guardian has the dignity to soften the sentence to: "Lebanese man retrieves a Qur'an from under the debris of a destroyed building.")

Abu feels reminded of the one picture where even Abu's great and admired friend Adnan Hajj went a couple of steps too far. On the left (pun intended) you see a picture by the now out-of-job Brother Adnan. (While Reuters has pulled this pic in the meantime, Abu got it via The Jawa Report.)

In Abu's opinion it is pretty clear that this picture was staged - no matter how soon Brother Adnan arrived at the scene, a paper book wouldn't be burning with one foot high flames any more. But the staging part is no problem to Abu.

Abu shivers at the thought that the most logical explanation to why the Holy Book was burning in the picture is: Brother Hajj set it on fire himself.

As horrible as this is, there is yet another problem: Here we have the Left Infidel Media (who otherwise are friends of Abu) desecrating the Holy Book by using it with the obvious intention to hurt the Muslims and maybe even provoke violent intentions. It reminds Abu of Newsweek reporting on Quran Desecration last year.

Abu believes that even in war propaganda there should be moral boundaries. There is propaganda that should or could lead to an end of the fighting by focussing on the suffering and moving the world's conscience. And there is propaganda that is intended to incite anger among those who already feel hurt and unheard.

Showing suffering children awakens emotions in every human being who deserves to be called by that title. But showing a burning Quran hurts almost exclusively the believers of Islam (if it hurts infidels, than only on a philantropic-humanitarian level, Abu supposes).

Abu would like to point out that the picture was taken - if one can conclude so from the name - by an infidel and is published by infidels in London, a city where every publisher must well know, that this kind of "reporting" is quite likely to provoke bitter muslim reactions. Abu hopes that the muslims of London are smarter than that. Don't fall into this trap of provocation! Shame on the Infidel Media!

Anonymous Anonymous says:

Abu! I understand that this is text not as satirical as the other posts. I am far from being a supporter of Israel. Anyway I think that there are three sides to this war: Israel/USA, Hizbulla/Iran and Left Media. I do not agree that the Media are on the side of Hizbulla or Israel. I think the Media is fighting it's own war.


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The Pallywood-Picture Of The Day: Boy taking his bombshell for a walk

This is Abu's favourite Pallywood-Stage-Photo for today. It was shot by Ibraheem Abu Mustafa in Palestine.

The caption reads:
"A Palestinian boy holds an Israeli artillery shell as he walks next to the remains of a house after it was demolished by Israeli troops before they pulled out from Rafah camp in the southern Gaza strip August 8, 2006."
Abu is very glad that the Infidel Media finally reports on this tradional Arab habit. Especially in Palestine young men mean it literally when they say "I'll take my bombshell for a walk!" - it is very common and photographers get a chance to take a snapshot easily - especially if they work for Reuters. (See the pic at Yahoo.)

Do you have suggestions for a Pallywood-Picture-of-the-Day?
Please send an email to pallywood-at-gmail-dot-com with "picture of the day" in the subject line! Abu thanks you.

Anonymous Anonymous says:

Abu, you are crazy, but you are funny!!! :-)))



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Monday, August 07, 2006


UN, Annan and Other Friends Of Pallywood

My friends, there is no magic in Pallywood, although it may look like that at first sight. Have you ever wondered why Kofi Annan is joining Hamas, Hizbullah and Pallywood on bashing them Zionists?

There is a short answer to this: The UN is not big friends with the Zionists. What we claim that the Zionists have done, Brother Annan swallows it - and "strongly condemns" the Isrrrraelis. (Abu is not sure, what "strongly condemns" really means. Must be an infidel thing.)

The picture on the left comes from here. It is an article in the Canada National Post where an infidel writes on the brilliant work our anti-semantic warriors of words have been doing at the "United Nations".

There are even reports on very close cooperation between the Hizbullah and the Peace Forces. Both parties of freedom warriors have been sharing water and electricity resources. Basically what is happening that the infidelsĀ“ taxes are paying for infrastructure that our Holy Warriors may freely use... to kill infidels! Abu likes this very much and says: Hahaha - stupid infidels!

(Thanks to Michelle for pointing Abu at this.)

Blogger Muslim Freedom says:

hey whatsup.
How did you find out about my blog?
Are you kona silat?

Blogger Abu Muhammad says:

Abu likes your nickname. Just like you he is for freedom, as long as it is muslim freedom. And just like you Abu likes to listen the voices in Abus's Head (Abu is joking - your profile says that you like the music of "Voices in my head").

Blogger Muslim Freedom says:

LOL, yes you noticed.
Listen man, why are you doing this?
I understand that this is a parody site, but like its not good to be hating on people.
Just like I don't hate Jews, just because they're of Jewish faith, I expect you not to hate Muslims either for the same reason.

Even though I know you'll respond in a comical way, but like bro, this is the last time I'll post on your blog if you're going to reply sarcastically.
The way forward isn't for us to mock each.
I mean ok, you had a couple of good laughs, fair enough.

We all like to joke around once in a while.
But believe me, ridiculing each other and hurting each others feelings isn't going to bring us closer to a real solution.
Also if you believe in one God, then you will know that good likes people of peace.


Blogger Abu Muhammad says:

Abu greets Muslim Freedom.

Abu isn't making fun, Abu is dead serious.

If Abu were making fun, he were making fun of the Infidel Media who use the propaganda of terorrist groups as a medium of their own anti-semanticism.

And further, again if Abu were making fun, which Abu isn't: Abu would think that mocking each other were a very good way to point out each other's error's and in this way working on a stronger collective rational.

Abu wants to quote this website where it says: "Cartoons plays a huge part in our struggle against occupation." Now Cartoons is a way of "mocking each other", isn't it?

Abu would very well believe that mocking each other were a peaceful way of trying to access the emotional level of an conflict - and then surprisingly often finding out that some jokes have more rational content than the so-called serious discussion.

Abu guesses that you think that Abu is being sarcastic. Therefore Abu supposes that you will be true to your promise not to post at Pallywood News again. Which is a pity, because Abu thinks he likes you (or what Abu knows of you: your writing). Still Abu respects your decision and says Go in Peace.


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Pallywood likes Germany very much.

Abu likes Germany very much, a lot of Arabs do, as you can see on this picture of a parade for the now deceased Great Leader Arafat. Something in the heart of Germany rings a tone with our Arab Heart.

This picture and the following one are screenshots of two very important German news websites. This first picture is from Spiegel Online. They are "left", which in Germany usually meens, they tend to critisize the Jews very much. When there is something to say about the Jews, you can usually expect that the Jews will look pretty bad in it. The Spiegel has its what the Germans call "Alibi-Jude" Henryk M. Broder who from time to time publishes some zionist stuff that Abu doesn't like at all, but apart from that, the Spiegel is Pallywood's willing helper. Abu likes Spiegel! In the article which is online at the top of the website in this very moment you read how the dirty Zionists make poor Siniora cry! Thank you Spiegel, for pointing this out! (Abu has always suggested crying as a way of manipulating the Infidel Media - if it is done right. See here!) There is a video of the event here - Abu would have advised the Arab leaders maybe not to applause after the Siniora-performance. That makes it look to much like a - well - performance.

At the same time the slightly more conservative Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung posted a headline on the same event. It reported that Siniora had admitted, that during an attack on Hula by the Zionists not 40 people but only one human died. This correction of course is nothing a left newspaper would tell you about in a big headline. (A friend in Germany tells Abu that it is a strange time when the Bild-Zeitung is the most sane newspaper.) - But Abu is not too scared of losing control over German Media. The same FAZ at the same time is reporting, that it is okay in Germany one more time to debate whether Israel has the right to exist. A friend in Germany told Abu, that if Olmert visited Germany there would be hundred times more protests against him than if Ahme Ahmadini Ahmadija the President of Iran came.

Abu, the faithful Pallywood Insider is very happy!